Reproductive performance – a well described management area

The reproductive management of a dairy operation is one of the main contributing areas to farm performance, profit and people satisfaction. Broadly, there are three calving systems that are found on Australian farms: seasonal calving, split calving and year-round calving systems. Regardless of the calving system undertaken on farm they all share the same premise: farm managers want cows to be submitted and become pregnant within a confined time period that is under their control.

Since the early 2000’s, Australian dairy farms have had the ability to better describe their reproductive performance relative to industry targets through the In Calf resources. For seasonal and split calving herds the main measures have been: 6 week in calf rate and not in calf rate with secondary measures being 3 week submission rate and conception rate. All farms have the ability to determine these measures and then create action plans based on how this data influences the priority reproductive management areas for change.

Attention to detail, keeping focus

The In Calf resources provide a really useful platform for determining what to fine tune in the various reproductive management areas that affect overall performance. When working with herds Primary Logic employs these resources because they deliver results through properly constructed action plans.

Our experience has been that fine tuning reproductive performance is about getting the best results from the on-farm team through an integrated approach with the off farm team. Primary Logic is a leader in this area through combined veterinary and analytical skills in addition to the experience from working with multiple farmer and adviser groups in the reproductive field.

Projects & Collaborators

Dairy Australia
In Calf resources are contained on the Dairy Australia website: Primary Logic works in collaboration with the In Calf Project Leader for Dairy Australia, Dr Barry Zimmerman.
Harris Park Group
The In Calf project was previously lead and managed on behalf of Dairy Australia by Harris Park Group through Dr Pauline Brightling. John Penry has worked as a collaborator to this group in this animal performance area.
In Calf
John Penry was involved with the development of the In Calf project since its inception in the early 2000’s. Much of this work was in collaboration with Dr Steve Little who is a current project leader working in the feedbase area on behalf of Dairy Australia.