Research position at UW Madison

Starting in Jan 2014, John Penry is joining a research team at the University of Madison, Wisconsin under the direction of Prof Doug Reinemann. This position will run for three years and is within a PhD program that has been facilitated by Prof Graeme Mein. This research position is being funded by UW Madison and dairy Australia and is part of an ongoing process of bolstering Australia’s research capability in dairy science and milking machine technology more specifically.

Research fields

This post graduate position is being conducted through the Dept of Dairy Science and Dept of Biological Systems Engineering at UW. The small team is continuing its work in the areas of liner design and in line performance sensing systems. John Penry will become part of this team for the next three years from early 2014. Whilst the majority of the on farm research will be conducted in the US and the UK it is anticipated that a portion of the research will also be undertaken in Australia.


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