Agricultural offers diverse, industry level tasks

John Penry has been involved with multiple industry level consultancies over the past 13 years. Recently this has been via the Primary Logic business, but much of this work has been as an associate of Harris Park Group, the Rural Innovation and Research Group and Dairy Australia. These consultancies have often been in long term projects covering the domains of milk quality, reproduction, nutrition and feedbase, genetics, business development, project planning and evaluation. Through these consultancies liaisons have been formed with Dairy NZ, Animal Health Ireland and the Dutch Udder Health Centre resulting in a rich fabric of experiences that extend beyond agriculture in Australia.

Sometimes it can be difficult to display the breadth of tasks undertaken at an industry level – often the tasks and their output are not in the public domain and so cannot be shared openly through this website. However the resources able to be viewed through the projects section of this page give some flavour to the skills John can offer through Primary Logic or its collaborators.

Creating the right team for a specific job

Often industry level consultancy tasks, be they large or small, require a set of skills across a few individuals. Primary Logic is a business with wide associations and the ability to create a team for a specific undertaking. This is the legacy of more than a decade of working at this level as well as the rich and varied experience of being previously, and currently, part of innovative and multi-skilled teams.


  • Farmer decision making for the selection of genetics in Australian dairy herds – integrating farm and advisory perspectives
  • Achieving Sustainable Improvement Enhancing services to dairy farmers through effective partnerships between public and private sectors
  • Transition Cow Management A review for nutritional professionals, veterinarians and farm advisers

Projects & Collaborators

Dairy Australia: Countdown 2020 resources, In calf resources and Feed 2 Milk resources
Primary Logic works in collaboration with the Countdown 2020 Project Manager for Dairy Australia, Dr Kathryn Davis, the project leader for In Calf, Dr Barry Zimmerman and the project leader for Feed 2 Milk, Dr Steve Little.
Dairy Australia: Countdown project and In Calf project
The Countdown project and In Calf project were previously lead and managed on behalf of Dairy Australia by Harris Park Group through Dr Pauline Brightling. John Penry has worked as a collaborator to this group since the start of the Countdown project in 1998.
Primary Logic (John Penry) has consulted, through Harris Park Group and directly to Dairy NZ, Animal Health Ireland and the Dutch Udder Health Centre.
Primary Logic (John Penry) has consulted directly to The Rural Innovation and Research Group, University of Melbourne as well as to this group through Harris Park Group.
Primary Logic (John Penry) has consulted directly to multinationals connected to agribusiness both in Australia, NZ and the US