Project collaborators and partners

Dr Pauline Brightling, Dr Anne Hope, Dr John Craven and the team at Harris Park Group

Dr Kathryn Davis, Program Manager, Animal Health and Fertility at Dairy Australia

Dr Barry Zimmerman, In Calf project leader at Dairy Australia

Dr Shane Ashworth, Dr Steve Williams and the team at Total Livestock Genetics

Jocelyn Bevin, Liza Fahey and the team at Westvic Dairy

Rebecca Dickson, Jean McGoldrick and the team at NCDEA, Western Victoria

Dr Ruth Nettle, Dr Anne Crawford and the team at Rural Innovation and Research Group, University of Melbourne

Assoc. Prof Peter Mansell, Dr Michael Pyman, Dr David Beggs, Faculty of Veterinary Science, University of Melbourne

Mark Blackwell, Rob Brazendale, Dairy New Zealand

Dr Finola McCoy, Professor Simon More and the team at Animal Health Ireland

Dr John Morton, Veterinary Epidemiology Consultant, Jemora P/L


Camperdown Veterinary Centre
Daniel Abernethy, Michelle Axford, Peter Williams, Sarah Saxton, ADHIS
Dr Peter Younis, Dr Chris Hibburt, The Vet Group
Dr Jakob Malmo, Dr Mark Humphris, Maffra Veterinary Clinic
Prof Graeme Mein, scientific advisor, Werribee
Dr Steve Little, project consultant, Feed 2 Milk
Dr Ian Lean, Dr Neil Moss, SBScibus
Dr Karensa Delaney, Gardiner Foundation
Assoc Prof John House, Assoc Prof Paul Sheehy, Faculty of Veterinary Science, University of Sydney
Dr Rod Dyson, Rob Moyle, Dairy Focus

Affiliations and memberships

Melbourne University Faculty of Veterinary Science
Australian Veterinary Association (general member in addition to membership with the cattle special interest areas)
Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists
Dairy Australia
Harris Park Group
The National Centre for Dairy Education Australia
CVERA (UCD Ire) and Animal Health Ireland
John Penry holds accreditations with the following organisations and programs:
Vic DPI (Johnes and EBL control programs)
Countdown 2020 (adviser and farmer training)
Incalf (adviser and farmer training)
Feed2Milk (adviser and farmer training)
The People in Dairy program (farmer training)