People are at the centre of animal performance

The Australian dairy industry has invested heavily over the past six years in developing people for our farms. This has been both through their investment in the National Centre for Dairy Education Australia and the People in Dairy Program. Here the premise remains simple: educate people working on farms to a high standard, get the right people doing the right jobs at the right time, create the environment for retaining people and develop careers.

When people are employed on farm it is important that it done in a low risk way for the employee and the employer – both in terms of the employment relationship and how daily tasks are undertaken within the farm business. The dairy industry is now in a great position to systematically build the environment required for this to occur through the best practice resources developed and available to all farms.

Fine tune your people systems

Primary Logic can help farms fine tune their current people systems or, in some cases, renew them during farm expansions or transitions. Support and practical advice can be offered in the areas of recruitment and retention, policies and systems, OH&S, leadership and culture and people performance.

Projects & Collaborators

The People in Dairy
Resources developed by Dairy Australia to assist people development and systems can be found at
People GPS
Primary Logic (John Penry) is a trainer for the People GPS program conducted through the NCDEA and has facilitated multiple groups through this farmer course in SW Victoria.