Dissecting business performance

Dairy and beef farms are animal performance businesses. They are in the business of producing weight gain and animals for sale or milk. They are complex businesses with significant fixed costs and often, highly volatile variable costs. The added complexity comes from selling the farm commodity into a system that is affected by international trading terms, agreements and volatility around supply and demand.

Farms are also businesses where the animals that constitute the building blocks of production have a significant lag phase between the initial investment (eg as a calf and yearling) and when they start returning profit to the operation. It is important to minimise inadvertent wastage in the production system during this time.

Primary Logic can assist farms to firstly measure true physical and financial performance and relate this back to the main drivers of performance: animal retention and output, feed conversion efficiency, feed sourcing on and off farm, reproductive performance and the people – animal relationship. All farm businesses have the ability to fine tune, create additional turnover and profit and underpin their sustainability as a viable operation.

Projects & Collaborators

Farm Business Performance
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