Creating an effective animal health plan

The animals in any production system are one of the primary assets of that business. As such they need to have their continued optimal health thought of as one of the main planks of the success of that production system.

Dairying has progressed significantly in the past 25 years in the area of preventative animal health. There are a wider range of vaccines and preventative therapies available in conjunction with a deeper understanding of disease processes ensuring that animal health plans are now more effective at mitigating risk.

As with cattle nutrition, a robust animal health plan starts with the young stock and progresses through the various stock classes even though it is often considered that the immune system of older stock can be left to do the majority of the work.

John Penry draws upon his extensive veterinary, epidemiology knowledge and nutritional consultation skills when developing a farm animal health plan in consultation with the farm team.

Biosecurity – an emerging area

It was not so long ago that the term biosecurity was only ever used when discussion were undertaken at a whole of industry level. The emphasis has now, rightly, shifted to a more focussed look at how biosecurity can be implemented at an individual farm level. There are a multitude of animal diseases, from Johnes Disease though to Strep ag mastitis, which can be avoided if the correct processes are implemented on farm. This is not a complex story for an individual business, but it is one which requires planning and a solid understanding of disease concepts. Primary Logic has the resources to create an effective farm biosecurity strategy.


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Projects & Collaborators

Dairy Australia
Animal health resources are contained on the Dairy Australia website: Primary Logic works in collaboration with Dairy Australia Managers in the animal health area: Dr Kathryn Davis and Bridget Peachy.
Calf Health
John Penry has delivered Calf Health workshops in collaboration with other advisers on behalf of Dairy Australia.