The view of Mt Leura, Camperdown

Delivering a presentation at a dairy conference in the NL

Camperdown – home of Primary Logic

Getting the best out of a herd is about attention to detail

Working with the team at Teagasc, Ireland

Examining a dairy setup in preparation for modifications

Working on the Irish Cell Check initiative through Animal Health Ireland

A calving area in use

Primary Logic is a new dairy and agriculture consulting business established by Dr John Penry and Kym Penry. John has worked in dairy industry as a practicing farm veterinarian, project consultant and farm systems consultant for 21 years. From 1990 to 2012 he was associated with the Camperdown Veterinary Centre where he was a practice owner. July 2012 marked the start of this new business which in reality is a new vehicle for the continuation of work which has been undertaken for many years.

Dr John Penry

BVSc (Melbourne, 1990), MVS (Dairy Medicine and management, Melbourne 1995)
Member Aust. and NZ College of Veterinary Scientists (Ruminant nutrition via examination, 1999)
Diploma Human Resources (Dairy – NCDEA 2011)

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26 Nov 2013

Post graduate position at UW, Madison

Starting in January, 2014, John Penry is moving to a new research position at the University of Wisconsin, Madison US. This position involves working in a team under the guidance of Prof Doug Reinemann through until late 2016. The project involves looking at aspects of milking machine performance systems and liner design.
01 Feb 2013

Get the best out of your fodder purchases

Many farmers are now completing their feed budgets for the next six months having completed their home harvest and, in many cases, utilised what summer crops were available. If the decision has been made to purchase additional fodder for the farm it is often best to enter the market early when supply and demand is less pinched across any…